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Online eBrochures, eMails & CDs

Online e-Brochure The online e-brochure is sent to you ready to be uploaded to your webserver so that your visitors can browse your e-brochure online using their browser. This is ideal for email marketting and sending links across the world or giving instant access to your e-brochure. Alternatively, we can host the e-brochure and you simply need to add a link to your website or emails

Offline e-Brochure

An offline e-brochure is suitable for burning to CD or DVD with auto play function when the disc is inserted into a PC or Laptop. This option does not require internet access to view the e-brochure as everything is held on disc in an complete executable file (.exe). We will send you  / make available all the necesary files ready to burn to disc. This option reduces large mailing costs compared to a printed brochure

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Send us the document

Do you need a fast turn around using your own document, all ready to send to clients and advertise your services and products electronically?

No problem, we will get to work straight away and return your e-Brochure within 24 hours. We'll quickly send a link to your html or exe file to download

Let us add the style

We can add a theme to your document to add pazazz. Impressions do count, captivate your readers and entice them to find out more.

Give us a week to turn around your Flash Flip Book but if you are in a hurry just say and we will get the job done sooner! We can host it too!

Distribute by email or website line or CD

Your e-brochure can be produced ready for the web (html file), hosted and an embed code will be sent to you or as an file to download (exe) to email to clients or write to CD.

If you need to write your e-Brochure to CD or memory stick, then now worries, simply order the exe file. If you want your e-Brochure to be viewed via your website then simply go for the html version

Features of ePublications

  • Drag and drop e-Brochure & e-magazine pages
  • Benefits of an e-Brochure
  • Add link to your flip book e-Brochure from your website
  • Benefits of an e-Brochure
  • Zoom for closer look at smaller print in your e-Brochure
  • Benefits of an e-Brochure
  • Link to pdf version of your e-Brochure
  • Benefits of an e-Brochure
  • Navigation content list with thumbnails showing pages of your e-Brochure
  • Benefits of an e-Brochure
  • Watch every turning page flip with a simple click of the e-Brochure pages